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Litha’s research and development in psycholinguistic technology means that you are able to build a richer user experience for your software.

Are you looking to stand out from competitors in your market?

Our Conversationer platform can help position your software with Conversational AI and Emotion AI technologies.

Through our Gyral Messaging Architecture, enable all stakeholders to interact with your software.  In this bi-directional process, exchange information that populates and maintains source datasets.

A Sample Scenario
  • The client accesses your technology through Litha’s white-labelled messenger
  • The user asks your technology a question
  • The Conversationer asks questions to help the user orient their thinking
  • Enriched information comes back to the user from your technology
  • Conversational analytics & insights help you to inform your own technology pathways
  • Psychological analytics & insights help the client to see the wider sentiments, feelings, emotions and opinions of the users at a collective level
Technology Partnership
The research and technology relating to the creation of a whole new way for your software to talk to users is a deep (and expensive) journey.
Our Human-Computer Interaction is built on modern psychology and conversation.
Under the strategic partnership, Litha Group will provide access to a white-label version of its Conversationer technology.


Enriching the user experience; gaining competitive advantage.
Competitive Advantage
None of your competitors use leading edge psycholinguistic AI to interface their technology. Be the first.
Complementary Technology
As a Technology Partner, access human-like conversational user interfaces and Emotion AI for deeper, richer user engagement
Integrated Solutions
Our single evolving API rapidly provides all the data the user seeks in a single request.
Simple Commercials
Litha's partner program is focused on mutual success and growth - our commercials are tailored to your business model.
leverage our technology partnership to empower your clients for digital transformation. expand your portfolio and grow your business.
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