At Litha, we think that it’s time to talk about the genuine (long-term) effectiveness of approaches to counselling and psychotherapy.

The Projected Economic Impact (PEI) of anxiety, stress and mild-moderate depression on corporate productivity is in excess of $1 trillion and rising.  The global corporate wellness market is estimated to reach $66 billion in 2022.  But, if current global corporate wellness offerings are effective, why do we still see the rise in non-productivity?

Do such approaches as mindfulness, meditation, sleep management, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) offer sustainable solutions to the mental health problem?

Can more be achieved through scaling access to counselling and psychotherapy?

If the general wellness market isn’t sustainable, who is benefitting from it?  Brokers, Insurers, Employers or the Employees?

What is the future for mental health?

The pandemic has shifted the psychological contract between employer and employee – we see an expectation to take better care of the workforce – to accommodate flexible working, improve engagement, and nurture psychological safety.

Shifts in the psychological contract and growing employee expectations means that we need to provide:

  • 24/7 Accessibility & Confidentiality
  • Screening & Progress-Tracking
  • Signpost & Referral
  • Problem Resolution
  • Understand individual and collective psychologies
  • Proactive Mental Health Intervention
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Tangible Return on Investment (Social Value and Corporate Productivity)
With an emphasis on both psychology and counselling and psychotherapy, HOW Human is designed to improve the working environment by creating a series of touchpoints that add value to the life of the employee and building a return on your investment in their mental health.


Litha  has a history of working with organisations in the fields of applied business psychology, communications, as well as counselling and psychotherapy.

Our ethos is that everyone deserves better mental health. To achieve this, we have applied our extensive research and development in psycholinguistics to create the complete psychological health platform, HOW Human.

The Litha Lighthouse Project gives early access to counselling and psychotherapy to forward-thinking organisations interested in the psychological health of their workforce. It is 12 months in duration and uses real-time data to give instant feedback about the effectiveness of our deep technology within our Social Value and Corporate Productivity Impact Framework.

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