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Litha Group’s scaleable Mental Health Platform includes an AI Psychotherapist with a measurable mental health ROI.  Our Lighthouse Project is designed to enable forward-thinking organisations to leverage our experimentation-oriented focus on employee mental health that uses real-time data to give instant feedback about the effectiveness of our deep technology.
At a time when employers want to do the right thing for their people by giving them access to meaningful support for their mental health, Litha Group’s technology can help roll it out on a multi-national, multi-lingual scale.
“The pandemic has shifted the psychological contract between employer and employee – we see an expectation to take better care of the workforce – to accommodate flexible working, improve engagement, and nurture psychological safety.”

Particle 396.5 million employees in UK, Europe and North America reflect a projected economic impact of £713 billion per year on a £12 trillion salary bill.

(Litha, 2021)
The projected economic impact of non-productivity due to anxiety and mild-moderate depression is £2,000 per employee per year.

(Litha, 2021)
Evidence from previous quarantine situations, prior to the current pandemic, suggests that there are long lasting effects on mental health. These symptoms ranged from irritability and anger to depression and post-traumatic stress symptoms.

(CIPD, 2021)
The economic impact of poor mental health UK organisations lost £45 billion in 2019 through non-productivity from absenteeism, presenteeism and resignation due to anxiety and mild-moderate depression.

(Deloitte, 2020)
Such approaches as Mindfulness, Meditation, Sleep, and CBT only serve to address the symptoms of poor mental health yet talk about a Return On Investment.  However, in our research, we can find no reference from service providers that they can validate an ROI.  Similarly, employers often admit to having no clear method of calculating ROI for their Mental Health Interventions.
Be one of the first organisations to offer true psychotherapy to every single employee.
(Source: “Mental health and employers – refreshing the case for investment”, Deloitte, 2020) 
What 10:1 Mental Health Intervention looks like:
  • 24/7 access to a secure & confidential environment to talk
  • Unlimited sessions and duration for psychology assessment and development, psychotherapy, conflict management, signposting
  • Clinically-recognised screening and progress tracking
  • Use of quantitative (data) and qualitative (stories) as people ‘speak to their future self’ about their anxiety, stress, addiction or mild-moderate depression
  • Map team dynamics that may be a cause of or result of individual psychology
  • Proactive provision of psychotherapy by recognising underlying psychological states
  • Give & Receive feedback (Feedback Informed Treatment)
  • Option to refer to third party therapists
  • Signpost to apps that may help with symptoms while therapy addresses the cause
  • Proactive mental health education
  • Analytics & Insights to inform strategy
  • Accessible enough to link into corporate performance metrics
With an emphasis on psychology and psychotherapy, HOW Human is designed to improve the working environment by creating a series of touchpoints that add value to the life of the employee and building a return on your investment in their mental health.
  • Build engagement with all stakeholders, regardless of location – put them at the centre of their experience and give them all a voice
  • Engage with current and future employees from recruitment and onboarding to performance, recognition and beyond
  • Unlimited reactive and proactive Employee Assistance (psychology assessment and development, psychotherapy, conflict management, signposting)
  • Build the psychological strength of all stakeholders
  • Clearly understand the drivers of individual and team behaviours that affect relationships, ethics, politics, dynamics and more
  • Identify and manage conflicts
  • Confidential whistle-blowing
  • User-centred development and training which includes regulatory compliance 
  • Consistently, seamlessly and non-intrusively check the pulse of the organisation – understand sentiments, behaviours, and motivations
  • Engage better with 3rd parties including customers, suppliers and partners including creating a new type of digital channel
  • Attach a value to the impact of psychological safety and link performance metrics to show the ROI
  • Framework to capture and measure impact / effectiveness of improving psychological safety reported 24/7 into your Business Intelligence dashboard
  • Social Value measurement to leverage changes in legislation (e.g., PPN06 and PPN11) attach a 10-30% weighting for social value in the award of central government contracts
After 9 years of Research & Development, Litha completes the development of its AI Psychotherapist on May 3, 2021 and will be releasing it to a limited number of early adopters.
We are interested in speaking to organisations looking to access powerful psychotherapy that addresses the cause rather than the symptoms of anxiety, stress and mild-moderate depression.
We are demonstrating the technology to invite-only organisations through to May 17, 2021 where we will then be opening our diary up to forward-thinking organisations with a genuine interest in employee mental health.


Within minutes, give your team private and confidential access to psychotherapy to help with anxiety, stress (including PTSD and burnout), addiction and mild-moderate depression. 


The opportunity to be in the first wave of early adopters expires on June 30, 2021.
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