Human Intelligence.
Human Experience.

Inspired by human intelligence, and powered by human data, Litha Group is a UK-based deep technology enterprise.

We believe in building social impact through psychology and conversational artificial intelligence technologies that positively influence the human experience.


The greatest superpower is understanding that artificial intelligence is human first; technology second


Our research team in Litha Labs specialises in psycholinguistics – studying the relationships between linguistic behaviour and psychological processes.

This includes extensive work in human mental models, and human nature & judgement.

Litha’s Conversationer technology forms the foundation for unlimited, proactive, contextual, person-centred conversations.  Based on this revolution in conversation agents, our first proofs of technology are in the fields of Psychology and Psychotherapy.


Vision & Mission

Our vision is to provide the global platform for technology that is the cornerstone of deeper human-computer and human-human connections.

Our mission is to continually push the boundaries of psycholinguistic Artificial Intelligence to disrupt technologies, industries, and organisations.

Building Beautiful Conversations

Litha Labs

At Litha Group, our Labs create and build psychology technology.

The technology we develop emerges from a deep understanding of contemporary psychology research and how it can be applied technologically.

Most conversational applications of technology to psychology are ineffective because they are based on bad statistics, disproven theories, and unfounded pop psychology.

Rather than viewing the human brain as some form of mechanistic computer, we use artificial intelligence to reflect complex neural processes and the behaviours that emerge from them.

We use our unique blend of psychology and technology expertise to invent products that can be used to understand and influence individual and collective human behaviours.

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