Our Mission

We are becoming increasingly connected yet, at the same time, losing the connection.

Whilst we have fantastic technology that puts all of our current (and future) friends at our fingertips, we see the growth of echo chambers and an increase in people expressing loneliness.

Our connections can be as abrasive as they are fulfilling.

In a business context, people expect to be understood but, instead, have to unravel unhelpful conversations with the technological face of the organisation.

Litha is here to change all of this.

We believe that strong relationships with other people and organisations comes through connection and meaningful communication.

Our exploration into Relationship AI stems from our ground-breaking work in Conversational AI and Psychology AI.

As well as developing our own portfolio of products, we envision supporting other enterprises in the development of meaningful human-human and human-computer interactions.

Contact us to discuss your stakeholder engagement.

Malt16 is the Relationship AI Engine developed by Litha Group comprising conversational AI and psychology AI capabilities
Ian MW
Ian McLaren Wallace
Co-Founder & CTO
Neil Fogarty Headshot
Neil Fogarty
Co-Founder & CEO
Michelle Fogarty
Co-Founder & COO
build your relationship ai

Litha is at the forefront of Relationship AI.

Our Omnichannel approach, coupled with leading-edge Conversational AI and Psychology AI is driven by the desire to develop deeper levels of engagement with users.

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