Embedded into your core IT systems, our Recruitment Gyre uses generative conversation that removes form-filling from the process. Integrate the application into the first interview as we capture qualitative and quantitative information and explore candidate psychology and values.
Capital Management
When it comes to your Capital Management, our sense-making framework supports a vast array of initiatives including goal-setting, performance management, employee engagement, culture maps and more.
Employee Assistance (EAP)
Our Corporate AI Psychotherapist operates in an environment for authentic conversation – what we call ‘The Listening Space’. Every single employee has their own 24/7, confidential, therapist to talk about their anxiety and mild-moderate depression.
Employee Development
Through our Rapid Rivers facility, dynamically create training programs that intuitively learn and grow as new information and theory is incorporated. This is supported by AI coaching to help with employee development.
AI HR Officer
Deploy our AI HR Officer - a virtual colleague that dynamically learns and evolves to take on repetitive and mundane tasks. Versed in all of your most up-to-date policies, processes and legal requirements, the Officer handles enquiries and proactively updates all stakeholders.
Employee Benefits
Understand the levels of engagement in your corporate benefits - when are they accessed, how often, and more. Through Prospective Analytics, personalise and automate the build of benefits packages.


We are developing solutions that reduce process burden; build employee engagement and help with team dynamics.  In doing so, HR becomes more strategic with analytics and insights supporting your decision-making.

With the right infrastructure, your HR Department is collecting masses of data.  The trick is how to turn this data into meaningful information that helps to guide strategy.  By moving away from repetitive, manual tasks, HR can use data to offer more insightful workplace initiatives.

HR AI and Recruitment

In our conversations with senior employers and many thousands of candidates, there are three key truths:

  • Modern recruitment psychometrics are a crutch to take the decision-making pressure away from managers
  • Recruitment Consultants are distrusted by both parties
  • Applicant Tracking Systems alienate more people than they engage

For HR departments, the application of old-fashioned approaches (admittedly more efficient even if they are still as ineffective), is an expense and time-consuming exercise.

Handling Buyer’s Remorse

Buyer’s remorse comes about when a person must make a difficult decision, such as a heavily invested purchase between two similarly appealing alternatives.  When the buyer has invested time and energy, there feels like an obligation to buy even if it’s not the ideal match – and what follows are feelings of regret once the transaction is complete.

Hiring Managers are susceptible to buyer’s remorse as they have waded through applications, spent money on badly-designed psychometrics, run a series of interviews, and so on.  In a race to get headcount filled, there’s the nagging fear that there was someone better out there.

Identification & Qualification

Working within appropriate data privacy guidelines, build a community rather than an applicant pool.  Beyond this, proactively build ongoing relationships to help accelerate recruitment, onboarding and integration.  Begin the process of talent attraction before you need to attract the talent.

CV AI technology can already assess skills against job requirements but Conversational AI can use something as simple as Tell Explain Describe (TED) to help screen candidates.  In holding this preliminary discussion, the AI Recruiter is looking for expansion of declared skills through supporting narrative.  This means that, at first interview, all human bias is taken out of the process.

In the process, the technology is also capturing insights into psychology, culture fit, values and ethics.


Onboarding is an essential activity for any employee.  there are suggestions that a strong onboarding process improves new hire retention by 82% and increases productivity by over 70%.  Equally important, it just shows that the organisation has its act together.

Through Litha’s Corporate Collaboration Space, employees can speak to all aspects of an organisation.  With each department having their own representative Dynamic Learning System, the employee can engage with AI to ask and answer questions.  This can include:

  • document verification
  • completion of all forms
  • updates on new skills and training
  • access to opportunities across the enterprise
  • information regarding policies and processes
  • development and updates on personalised benefits
  • identifying and answering repetitive employee questions

Litha’s technology also enables bidirectional connection – proactively contacting colleagues to give any updates but to also ask questions.  Through our APIs, your structured data sources can be updated through Conversational AI.


Litha’s HR solution brings together psychological insights from all of its technology to help give insights drawn from metadata from such elements as performance, training, coaching and employee engagement surveys.   Within the appropriate ethical guidelines, HR will be empowered to identify potential hotspots with regards to teams where there are likely to be resignations.


Despite the potential benefits, there is reticence to go all-in with HR AI and it’s understandable.  Artificial Intelligence has been historically over-hyped.  However, the post-COVID landscape means that there’s a need to manage a massive amount of HR conversations (recruitment, attrition, churn, performance, occupational therapy, etc.).  Now is the time to bring in a co-ordinated team of HR solutions that can engage with the workforce.

Our colleagues in Litha can work alongside your HR Team to create a roadmap for change that encapsulates best-in-practice principles of a new kind of HR Officer.

Like to know more about how we can implement integrated Human Resources AI in your organisation?

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