The rationale for personalising the human experience is simple: we expect organisations to deliver better human-computer interactions.

Users, customers and employees expect personalised engagement with your organisation but they just aren’t getting it.

Litha’s research and development in the field of psychology and conversational AI has culminated in ‘HOW Human’ for your workforce – combining context, emotional state, and conversational history.

Research reveals that companies focusing on the human experience have been twice as likely to outperform their peers in revenue growth over a three-year period, with 17 times faster revenue growth than those who do not.

HOW Human is a Human Experience Platform - paying attention to nuanced communication from humans to create personalised experiences


HOW Human is Litha’s human experience platform – an environment that dynamically evolves for both the employee and the organisation with every single social interaction.

Our ground-breaking psycholinguistic artificial intelligence leverages ’emotion AI’, natural language processing, voice recognition & response, voice stress, sentiment analysis and more.

Augmenting this, our Psychology Engine generates enterprise relationship simulation, human-like memory and the ability to forecast and simulate future user behaviour.

By going deeper, your human experience platform can understand needs, wants, and motivations while building rapport and engendering trust.

Our architecture provides conversational user interfaces to your key applications in the areas of employee assistance, experience and engagement.

Humanise your technology.

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