Emotion analytics.
A meaningful drill-down.

Psycholinguistic analytics can be a powerful tool for organisations looking to make sense of their data.  To achieve this, Litha’s Human Emotion Engine™️ leads the way to deeper understanding.

Deep research in psychology and communications means that our solutions provide leading-edge psycholinguistic analytics.  Deep-dive into the emotions, sentiments, relationships, and opinions that underpin decisions and behaviours.

The natural inclination is to use sentiment analysis (also referred to as emotion AI) but this is a somewhat mechanistic approach to something that is distinctly human.  It is a comparatively shorthand approach to understanding what someone likes or dislikes without needing to understand the other person in the conversation.


Sentiment analysis is a social media phenomenon – people and corporations want to know if they are liked – but it’s a very blunt tool.


What we want to understand is more than the expressed emotions of an individual but how it works within context.  Build your intelligence dashboard with psycholinguistic analytics built on Litha’s Human Emotion Engine™️.  This offers a greater depth of understanding in terms of both specific and general topics.

With deeper understanding, you can make better decisions, create stronger customer insights, create a new level of employee engagement, and more.

Litha’s Human Emotion Engine

Open connectivity

Forecast and simulate future user behaviours
Link into any smart device or channel
Enriched insights
Highly accurate implicit analytics
Seamlessly plug into Litha’s Human Ecosystem
Sample Use Cases
Customer Voice

Understand the emotions of past, present, and future customers

Customer Experience

Using insights to develop actions that address the way customers feel about their experience with you

Customer Journey Maps

Map how the customer feels at every stage of the journey to optimise loyalty

Customer Satisfaction

Link into your helpdesk systems to identify opportunities to improve customer experience

Brand Development

Maximise your understanding of your brand’s strengths and weaknesses

Competitor Benchmarking

Track and compare the emotional connection customers have with your competitors

Employee Experience

Realtime views of your employees – attract and retain exemplary talent

Employee Engagement

Replace employee engagement surveys with 24/7 contextual emotional insights

Employee Assistance

Proactively and confidentially identify underlying traits of anxiety, stress, and depression

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