Slide Litha's Customer Engagement Relationship platform (CERI) can help you to handle B2C and B2B customer enquiries.

CERI can conduct creative and proactive, complex, unstructured conversations with hand-offs to colleagues for sales, support, complaints and much more.
SAY HI TO CERI Malt16 is the Relationship AI Engine developed by Litha Group comprising conversational AI and psychology AI capabilities
Proactive Conversations
CERI is a relationship-driven information-exchange chatbot: answering and asking questions relating to all of the various aspects of customer engagement; drawing information from multiple data sources to give your customer-facing people the complete picture.
Omnidirectional AI
CERI is able to communicate with anyone at any point in the customer engagement cycle via messengers, smart assistants or smart speakers. Information flows from the organisation to the customer and back again.
Policy & Compliance
Customer Engagement is predominantly a series of interrelated processes. CERI works according to your rules and, as well as responding to customer queries, also asks questions to help populate and maintain your structured data sources.
informed; analytical; insightful

Your relationship-driven customer engagement AI works across marketing, sales, and customer service teams.  As a central point of knowledge of every customer interaction, CERI is a well-informed, insightful and useful team member.

Above The Funnel
Before a sales takes place, customers are making their own decisions. CERI works with your marketing & sales teams to introduce new products / services; capture leads; manage promotional offers and more.
Customer Engagement
As your customer goes through your sales funnel, there are multiple touch-points. CERI is able to work with your team in such areas as cross-sell, up-sell, customer service, helpdesk, complaints management and more besides.
Insights & Analytics
CERI is multi-skilled - from Sales Assistant to Sales Manager and Coach. As a conduit for all client interactions, CERI can give your people data and conversational analytics as well as insights.
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