Slide Experienced data scientist who is looking to work with the board to build a global data science function.
Data Analytics, Health, Regulated Industries

Data Scientist
Lead Data Scientist

As an AI startup, we already have three products going through the lab with a view to official launch in June 2020 and we are now building our team.  This includes a call for a Lead Data Scientist who will head up a key function within Litha Group.

Our primary activity is the development of Relationship AI software built on Conversational AI and Psychology AI.

Part of the corporate strategy of Litha is to deliver AI-based solutions to our corporate clients for both Conversational and Data Analytics & Insights.

Our intent is to be able to provide all 4 types of Analytics to our clients in both data and psychological aspects: we see the Data Science function as integral to our work and will be building a team that reports directly to the Board.

The work will not only be interesting but varied too as we are already in conversations with organisations in such sectors as Bluelight+ (Ambulance, Fire, Police, Search & Rescue, Health, Military); Finance; Transportation; Legal; Business Services and Professional Services.

Your current skillset will be utilised to the fullest however we are all about growth so you will be encouraged (and supported by us) to add many new strings to your bow including new technologies and approaches .

We are looking for specialists to work with our development teams in embedding Analytics & Insights into our technology but also using consulting skills as you meet with clients.

“When it comes to our work in ERM AI and its component parts of Relationship AI, Conversational AI or Psychology AI, we need to have people who want to be the best in their field.”

“Our Conversational AI and Psychology AI technologies are enabling us to build inspirational products including next-generation psychometrics and a AI Psychotherapist to support anyone living with anxiety and mild-moderate depression.”

“Our ambition is to be the world’s leading Enterprise Relationship Management platform, giving everybody access to their data and enabling organisations to provide superb services.”

The Right Stuff
  • Minimum 4 years in a Data Scientist role and a minimum of 2 years as a Lead Data Scientist
  • Data Scientist with a passion for machine learning and AI
  • Experience of failed projects
  • Enjoyed your academic background of mathematics and / or physics (paper qualifications not required)
  • Inclination to work effectively rather than speedily
Main Responsibilities

In large parts, this role is being written by you.  The board have a corporate strategy and are inviting people in senior roles to inform how best to achieve this.

The board has a view of general responsibilities but we expect the Lead Data Scientist to have some pretty strong ideas of their own.

Our guiding statement is “In this role you will play a key role in the management, leadership and growth of Data Science within the Litha Group.  Working closely with the board, The Lead Data Scientist will liaise with DevOps as well as develop data and analytics solutions for our clients.”

Wider responsibilities include:

  • Lead and mentor a team of Data Scientists;
  • Liaise with key stakeholders;
  • Take ownership of the maintenance, evaluation and evolution of predictive algorithms and models;
  • Establish and enforce best practices for the testing, deployment, integration and evaluation of analytical models and their outputs
  • Identify key opportunities where advanced analytics can influence and improve the current ways of working;
  • Present insights both internally within the team as well as to a range of business stakeholders at all levels
  • Be a thought leader in the field of advanced analytics within Litha Group;
  • Member of the Senior Leadership Team, engaging with peers to inform and deliver corporate strategy;
  • Coach colleagues on the topic of Advanced Analytics

We’re realistic enough to know that the skills of today aren’t necessarily those of tomorrow.  If you don’t have a skill mentioned above, well don’t worry.
Every project we set out has a training budget as well as a budget for freelancers to support you as you develop new skills.

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