everybody deserves access to better mental health

Before Covid-19, in 2017, there were over half a billion people in the world living with anxiety and mild-moderate depression.

Over the last eighteen months, we’ve seen a rise in anxiety, burnout, PTSD, and mild-moderate depression.

This has led to the Covid ‘surge’ in spend on antidepressants & repeat prescriptions, a lack of access to health resources for screening and therapy and an over-reliance on fixing symptoms (instead of the causes) with mobile phone apps.

The period of social distancing and isolation has also highlighted the escalation of loneliness into a social epidemic.

Add to this, in the UK alone, almost 6,000 people who chose to take their lives by suicide – and a third of these wanted to talk to someone about it but couldn’t get through to health services.

We want to be able to speak to our own personal therapist – this is a good time to talk with Bunty.

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your worrying is uncontrollable and causes distress
your worrying affects your daily life, including school, your job and your social life
you cannot let go of your worries
you worry about all sorts of things, such as your job or health, and minor concerns, such as household chores
feel overwhelmed
have racing thoughts or difficulty concentrating
be irritable
feel constantly worried, anxious or scared
feel a lack of self-confidence
have trouble sleeping or feel tired all the time
avoid things or people you are having problems with
be eating more or less than usual
drink or smoke more than usual
anxious or panicky
more tired than usual or being unable to sleep
angry or frustrated
low on confidence or self-esteem
not getting any enjoyment out of life
feeling hopeless
not being able to concentrate on everyday things
having thoughts about harming yourself
Having nobody to talk to
Feeling disconnected to the world
Feeling left out
Feeling sleep deprived
Not feeling understood
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what’s the issue?

We’re in a time where more people than ever need help with anxiety, stress, depression, and loneliness.

Unfortunately, the most commonly offered solutions are dependent upon referral.  And, once we manage to get referred, there’s the lack of resources.

When we can get referred and we can access a resource, unless it’s working with the root cause (the problem), then whatever approach we take won’t last the distance.

Mindfulness, meditation, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), antidepressants… all only deal with the symptoms, may incur a financial cost but still don’t resolve the underlying problem.


We have an opportunity to look at the issues of anxiety, stress, depression and loneliness from a new perspective.

  • Unlimited access to our own companion
  • Keep track of our psychological state
  • Talk about what we like, when we like
  • Psychotherapy that can resolve the problem rather than the symptom
  • Understand what’s going on in our own heads
  • Access supporting services
  • 24/7 access to our personal therapist through smartphone, laptop, smart speaker
  • Clinically-recognised assessments
  • Unscripted conversations whether you just want a chat, or want your therapist
  • Identifies your underlying psychological state and proactively introduces psychotherapy conversations when appropriate
  • Feedback Informed Treatment to personalise and improve the quality of your therapy
  • Access links to local and national services to help you further

Bunty is here for one thing only: to give everyone access to better mental health.

What this means is that we have neither the motivation nor the intention to capture and monetise your data.

All we need is your email to login and your country of residence.  From then on, we use the metadata to improve the psychological and linguistic capabilities of your companion.

We will share anonymised statistics and insights with such organisations as the UK Mental Health Observatory that collates and makes available data about mental health care in England.

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