Litha – AI Therapist

The summer solstice gives us the longest day – the time of the greatest light

The battle between Light and Dark

In the northern hemisphere, the Summer Solstice is when the sun is at its highest position in the sky and we experience the longest period of daylight. Some pagans call the day Litha, (pronounced LEE-tha) and see it representing a fight between light and dark. We have developed a personal AI Therapist to help you in your fight with the dark.

Litha is your AI Therapist

Imagine commuting on the bus and you’re text-chatting through one of your favourite messengers.

Maybe you like to take the dog for a walk and chat on the phone instead?

Or how about, at the end of the day, you’re sat with a cuppa and say, “Alexa, can we talk?”. 

Regardless of where you are, or how you choose to communicate, Litha offers secure access to your own private and confidential therapist for you to talk through your anxieties and worries.

Primarily, Litha addresses the global issue of non-productivity in the workplace as a result of anxiety and mild-moderate depression.

AI Technology

The unique AI technology powering Litha is based on leading edge theoretical research in human cognition and device interaction. Whether you chat via Slack, Messenger, WhatsApp, a web browser, Skype or your Smart Speaker, you have 24/7 access to someone who will listen to what you have to say.

You are at the centre

Litha - the world's first true AI Therapist

Rather than just raising answering your questions, Litha puts you at the centre of the conversation and asks questions to help guide your thinking as you go through an innovative psychotherapy process.

Chat with your future self

A great deal of Artificial Intelligence is there to provide answers.   Most therapeutic approaches also tend to be quite prescriptive and don’t really ask questions but simply ‘have the answer’ for you. In truth, many human therapists are an unavoidable contaminant in a therapy discussion

Like any great therapist, Litha creates a therapeutic space and helps you to find your own way through that space. She loves ambiguity and free-flowing conversation with you and provides the guidelines for you to reflect and chat with your future self. 

Features of Litha, AI Therapist
asks questions – enabling you to find your own answers through reflection and talking
can communicate with you by text or voice
cloud-hosted and completely secure
has all data anonymised
has her own Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
can speak to you in any language
builds your own story that can also be configured into medical notes
understands what you say and what you don’t say
is unbiased and objective – she does not impose thoughts / solutions onto you
develops entirely new questions based on the answers given

An AI Therapist to change the world

We are driven to make mental support available to everybody. Our primary focus is on corporate solutions and part of the commercial model is to support our public Freemium version.  To this end, we aren’t just developing corporate solutions but also creating an AI Therapist to support all health service providers.

Would you like to talk with us about Litha?

Our contact page is here
Call: +44(0) 203 858 9660

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