Every corporate activity is dependent upon individual and collective psychology and communications.
Human Orienters is a AI Psychologist – an organisational psychology toolkit where the only limit to its application is the imagination and ambition of the client.
AI psychology

With a modern approach to building individual and organisational psychology, Human Orienters doesn’t waste time with inflexible and dated question sets.

Rather than reduce psychology down to simplistic definitions through statistics (four colours, CANOE / OCEAN, etc.), Human Orienters works with human complexity.

Recognising that your perceptions and perspectives change with every situation, it works with you as you understand what drives the behaviours of others, the dynamics of teams, and the foundation of your corporate culture.

Through our Conversational User Interface, your own words help you to identify your position in a psychological space and can be applied across all aspects of Employee Engagement.

Build a psychology engine that dynamically interacts with your entire workforce


There are a number of frustrating things with old-fashioned psychometrics:

  • the requirement to work with approved partners / consultants
  • the need to certify internal staff
  • having lengthy reports that require explanation
  • having an approach that forces the human condition into statistics

When we began to develop our corporate psychology suite, the four cornerstones were:

  • remove the need for approved partners / consultants
  • do away with having to certify your staff
  • develop an AI Coach that works on specific points raised rather than hide them in a document
  • focus on contemporary psychology conversations rather than Likert Scale questions & answers

Psychometrics tends to be uniformly applied to recruitment but can be a bit one-dimensional – likewise, the same applies to team dynamics.  So how can you apply Human Orienters?

  • AI Recruitment – first interview including explicit and implicit data captured for insights
  • Unlimited AI Coaching to support psychology and behaviour development for any situation
  • Team formation, building and dynamics
  • Unlimited AI Conflict Management
  • Real-time mapping of culture & values
  • Employee engagement surveys built on data and stories
  • Employee pulse surveys built on data and stories
  • AI Training including mental health and regulatory compliance

Click here to find out more about approaching organisational psychology through Human Orienters and how to build the psychological strength of every stakeholder in your organisation.

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