Human Identifiers
Identify fundamental patterns in your self-perceptions and unconscious connections. Rank 12 words from a randomised list to describe your current situation to create a Human Space reflecting your current unconscious behaviours and self-perceptions.
Human Illuminators
Human Illuminators also help you to build a Human Space that reflects your current unconscious behaviours and self-perceptions. The Human Illuminator produces a report describing the nature of the self-perceptions as a combination of perceptual arcs and cadences, which are how you give voice, consciously and unconsciously, to what emerges, exists and evolves for you in your unconscious behaviours.
Human Connectors
Human Connectors enable you to connect a number of self-perceptions that you have identified in Human Identifiers or Human Illuminators. As well as connecting your own self-perceptions, you can connect to the self-perceptions of other people in a group that you are working in. Add and remove individual members from the group to see how that changes the overall group dynamics. See how individuals engage with the tensions along the boundaries between their inner and outer worlds.
Human Reflectors
Human Reflectors enable you to identify the specific nature of tensions in a particular situation. By understanding the specific nature of these tensions, you can ask questions and create conversations that enable you to resolve them in a healthy and positive manner.
Human Echoes
Human Echoes enable you to directly engage with significant individual perceptions within large groups of people through dialogue and stories. Stories and conversations are collected and illustrated in a way that enables you to see what is being shared and told in your organisation.
Human Explorer
Human Space and the 5 Human Orienters are used to navigate complexity and uncertainty. The Human Explorer is your guide through your personal navigation activity. It works with you from the early stage of your orientation through to any actions you identify to help you develop your own Human skillset.
Build a psychology engine that dynamically interacts with your entire workforce
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