Slide Litha's Virtual HR Officer (VHRO) is a sophisticated Chatbot that handles the regular tasks in order to free up your HR team for higher level and strategic activities.
VHRO Malt16 is the Relationship AI Engine developed by Litha Group comprising conversational AI and psychology AI capabilities
Policy & Compliance
Many HR conversations relate to compliance and corporate policy - "are we following the correct procedure?", etc. VHRO taps directly into your HR policies to answer the questions for you.
Streamlining The Team
VHRO can address a broad range of employee queries with current information drawn from structured and unstructured data sources.
Proactive Conversations
VHRO is an information-exchange chatbot: answering and asking questions relating to all of the various aspects of an employee during their time with the organisation.

Move beyond transactional conversations with your colleagues.

Rapport Builder
Different colleagues communicate in different ways - some want a simple answer to a question whilst others want to talk through an issue. VHRO has the time for unstructured conversations that tell people what they want - first time, every time.
Time & Money
VHRO is here to engage with employees and, in the process, alleviate the transactional strain on the HR Team. Our HR Chatbot can cut administrative tasks; be more transparent and responsive; and provide the analytics and insights needed for strategic thinkers.
Omnidirectional AI
VHRO is omnidirectional - it can communicate with your people through Slack, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. as well as through Smart Assistants and Smart Speakers - centralising and capturing the conversation to plug back into your IT architecture.
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