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Litha Group is a European AI systems company with a passion for developing greater connections between humans and also between humans and technology.  

We are designed to be disruptive and this forms the basis of our corporate culture.  Our proprietary technologies are designed for such applications as AI Psychotherapy, Organisational Psychometrics, Corporate Performance, and Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM).

We believe in tapping into the global intelligence and so our specialists are based in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and India.

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2020 Recruitment

As part of our growth as a Relationship AI company, Litha Group is always interested in value-driven people.

We are all smart enough to earn a salary so there has to be something more to get us out of bed each day.

Our technology work is truly leading-edge and we are actively looking to meet people who want to take a risk with their work each day (win some; lose some; always learn).

If you are motivated by being told that something can’t be done, then contact Litha: talk to us and let’s see just how wrong everyone can be.

We are a learning company built on facilitative leadership and we don’t just talk about Agile… we do it.

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