Underpinning Litha Group's Relationship AI are a series of AI solutions and an ability to build bespoke AI solutions for organisations around the world. AI SOLUTIONS Click Here for more information

At The Forefront

Our AI solutions make use of cutting-edge approaches to natural language processing, machine learning and dialogue management as we take your chat beyond transactional conversations.


Our Relationship AI means that we can take on complex and unstructured calls to your call center; resolve problems; capture information; and cross-sell and up-sell.


Litha is one of the very few organisations in the world that is able to provide data, conversational and relationship analytics.

Customer Engagement
Sales is all about relationship - and, when you have someone with buying signals, you want to act ethically and quickly. You need to have the ability to conduct unstructured conversations, spot the sale, and create the call to action.
Mental Wellbeing
There are over 400m people in the world living with anxiety or mild-moderate depression (AMMD) with over $1 trillion lost annually year through non-productivity caused by AMMD. Build your own mental wellbeing officer with Litha.
Old approaches to psychometrics are being continually questioned about being fit-for-purpose. Human Orienters is a Psychological Placement tool - a highly proactive and engaged approach that goes beyond simple psychometrics.
Human Resources
Access a family of HR solutions including recruitment, performance development, employee experience, learning & development, and powerful occupational psychometrics.

Building Your AI Solutions

Every single corporate initiative is built on conversations, psychology and relationships.  If you are exploring digital transformation, then you should reflect on your Relationship AI.

As Litha Group is at the forefront of this exciting field of technology, we are more than happy to speak with you  and meet with you to explore the future together.

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